Craft furriers, a family tradition.

Loris Pellicceria has been in the fur industry for about forty years. Loris Biasio, the founder, began his career in the late ‘60s. In all these years he has gained considerable experience, and later moved on to the production of garments in laboratories for the most the distinguished fashion houses.

Loris has handed down the passion and the love of his work to his children, Andrea and Nicolò. Now they work for the company, where they gain a solid understanding of the techniques, the characteristics and the quality of leather — a unique know-how of the Italian manufacturing tradition.

With a laboratory, showrooms and one shop, strategically located midway between Milan and Como, Loris has a variety of loyal costumers.

The implementation of a clothing line will be based on artisanal criteria which reflect the original "Made in Italy."
What distinguishes them is the attention given to the finishing of the fur, to the choice of the best leather and to the artisanal way of working.

The business is constantly evolving, deeply focusing on dynamism and elegance, without forgetting tradition.

How We Work.

Loris Pellicceria specializes in the production of fur coats that are entirely hand-made.

The production process begins with the careful selection of the best leathers, in order to satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements.

The central heart of the production is done in our laboratories, where the leathers are processed by handcrafted by our expert cutters. Then the furs are sewn by our seamstresses, with considerable attention devoted to finishing of the fur.

What distinguishes us from others, is our ability to make custom-made fur products to meet any request, with the most accurate craftsmanship that is always devoted to innovation.